Magnescale Machine Tools

magnescaleAs a leader in the distribution of CNC machinery, Tipton provides quality CNC machine tool brands to the Ohio metalworking industry. In addition to providing our customers with complete local support, Tipton Machinery offers some of the best CNC machine tool brands in the industry, including Magnescale.

Why choose Magnescale machine tools?

Magnescale creates cutting-edge products to fit the needs of the constantly-evolving machine tools industry. They work with engineers in physics, chemistry, electricity and more to ensure their products are both flexible and reliable. Known for their technological expertise, their machine tool products are developed to last.

Why choose Tipton Machinery for CNC Machinery?

Founded in 1964 Tipton Machinery Company distributes quality CNC machinery?to the Ohio metalworking industry. At Tipton Machinery Company, our goal is to present the best technology, quality, and cost effective “least cost of ownership” solutions to our loyal customers. Our experience and reputation are your guarantee! We offer local support including machine installation, training, engineering and more!

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